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Diamond Seal Systems

Teak Wizard

Teak Wizard

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The Teak Wizard cleans, shines, and protects a variety of hard surfaces including teak, wood, marble, granite, tile, stainless steel, fixtures, fiberglass, and vinyl.  (DO NOT USE ON FLOORS)

Product Detail
  • Great for cleaning and protecting all hard surfaces for home, auto, boat, RV, and planes
  • Restores sun damaged surfaces such as oxidized outdoor furniture, leaving a fresh new look
  • Simply spray on, wait a few seconds, and then wipe off with micro fiber cloth
  • Environmentally friendly formula
  • Formula produces a long lasting shine, especially when combined with other Diamond Seal Systems products

Available in 8 fl oz (not pictured), 16 fl oz, or 32 fl oz bottles depending on the size of your project. Bottles are re-fillable with the gallon size of Teak Wizard.

The Teak Wizard Cleaner is formulated with enhanced performance in mind, providing for longer lasting protection and shine. Created to clean, shine, and protect all hard surfaces for home, auto, boat, RV, and planes. It works great on outdoor furniture to restore oxidized surfaces and leave a fresh new look. Can also be used for TVs, computer screens, and appliances.

Use to clean and seal surfaces such as: wood cabinets, chrome, granite, marble, stainless steel, glass, barbecue grills, and head lights. Simply spray on, wait a few seconds, and then wipe off with micro fiber cloth. On oxidized surfaces such as laminates, plastic, rubber, or acrylic, repeat application two or three times for best results.

Use Teak Wizard by applying it to a dry surface either by spraying directly or using our microfiber sponge Applicator Pad. Apply product in straight lines two or three times, making sure that the product is infusing into surface. This is especially important on oxidized surfaces for restoration. Buff any excess product with a clean Microfiber Cloth.  We recommend using rubber gloves for long applications and multiple uses. Note - product will not stain fabrics. Combine with other Diamond Seal Systems maintenance products for enhanced performance and longer lasting results. (DO NOT USE ON FLOORS)

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