Helmet Glide - Game Day Ready

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Helmet Glide Technology

Helmet Glide is a liquid nano-technology treatment formulated for football helmets. Once applied, The Glide lowers the surface tension by 25%. 

 The Glide - Helmet Glide


The Glide reduces abrasions, keeping helmets in play longer. Helmets become easier to clean and maintain. It also helps helmets stay cleaner longer during play with increased brilliance


Apply Helmet Glide on the outer shell of the polycarbonate helmet with a soft cloth and buff to a brilliant shine!  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO OF COMPLETE STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS

Field Shield: Antimicrobial Protection Barrier

The Blitz and Ultra Blitz can be used on football helmets, uniforms, shoulder pads, shoes, jock straps and chin pads. It can also be used in locker rooms, training facilities, weight rooms, artificial turfs and synthetic football fields.

  1. Forms a barrier providing antimicrobial protection.
  2. Professionally applied by trained technicians.
  3. Adheres to treated surface with durability for 30 days up to 3 months.
  4. Reduces risk of cross-contamination from bacteria.
  5. Reduces odors from microorganisms.
  6. Inhibits germs upon contact with treated surface.
  7. Effective against viruses, algae, bacteria and fungi.
  8. Chemical-Free Kill.
  9. Water-based product.
  10. Non-Leaching.
  11. Contains no alcohol, non-flammable, and is non-toxic.
  12. Zero V.O.C.

The Ultra Blitz Laundry is added to the rinse cycle of the laundry. It will last up to ten wash cycles, keeping the uniforms antimicrobial. It is also used as an extended germ protector.


The Science of Performance

Diamond Seal Systems HELMET GLIDE Sealer is a revolutionary treatment for football helmets. It is a wipe-on treatment that reduces surface tension, impact, and incorporates an ultra-shine to the helmet.

Step #1 Apply small amounts of the HELMET GLIDE Sealer to the applicator pad and wipe on evenly over the football helmet. Let stand on surface for 1 to 2 minutes and then wipe off excess material with a micro fiber cloth. 

Step #2 Spray on the GAMEDAY to the football helmets and hand buff to a shine. DSS GAMEDAY is designed to maintain the performance of the sealing treatment Helmet Glide Sealer. Using this product will also enhance shine, brilliance and maintain performance. Allow 24 hour curing process to helmet surface. Give helmet shell one more wipe down with microfiber cloth to remove any excess material. Helmet is now Gameday ready.

STEP #3 The DSS HELMET WASH is a simple weekly cleaner that can also be used on the sidelines for quick clean ups of dirty helmets, both during and after games. Just spray and wipe to a shine! Usage instructions: use the GAMEDAY once a week as part of your regular helmet maintenance to maintain optimum performance and shine.

STEP #4 HELMET BLITZ sanitizer is to be sprayed and wiped and then sprayed again and let dry.  Use on the interior of the helmets and shoulder pads for long-lasting antimicrobial protection. 

STEP #5 ULTRA BLITZ is a long lasting antimicrobial that kills microorganisms. Apply ULTRA BLITZ to shoulder pads, inside football helmets and also locker room lockers, benches, carpeting and more as well as artificial turf. Best defense against dangerous microbes like MRSA, Viruses..Cross contamination from bacteria and reduces odors! Also inhibits germs upon contact with treated surfaces. ULTRA BLITZ is effective against viruses, germs, bacteria, algae and fungi. Installation instructions: Disinfect surfaces with 70% Alcohol solution or other low-residue disinfectant and wipe clean.  Spray ULTRA BLITZ onto surface with an electrostatic sprayer (best) or any fine mist sprayer and let dry.  DO NOT WIPE OFF.  Surfaces will remain sanitized for 30-90 days, even through regular cleaning/maintenance.