The Science of Clean

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What is nanotechnology? The protective treatment of Diamondize XP forms a permanent covalent bond to prevent contaminants from corroding the surfaces of glass, granite and tile. This bond provides a diamond-like coating that reduces scratching and repels water, dust, and oil. Using our integrated DSS maintenance systems, your surfaces will enjoy indefinite protection from polluting impurities.

Glass, stone, metal and other architectural materials have microscopic pores on the surface structure. These pores are collection points for contaminants like water, dust, oil, salt, mildew, bacteria, lime and other minerals. Constant exposure to these contaminants will cause water spots, stains, corrosion and oxidization. Soon the new natural look of your surfaces will look old, dull, and worn-out. Once these contaminants penetrate the surface pores, they are difficult to remove.

When harmful chemicals are used to clean these surfaces, they simply open the surface pores, thereby inviting more contaminants and speeding up the destructive process. DSS products work with the natural structure of a surface material, not against it.

  • Silica base materials (like glass, granite, tile and porcelain) actually attract contaminants like a magnet. They contain an unbound oxygen molecule just looking for a contaminant with which to bond.
  • The DSS process reduces maintenance by blocking the contaminants from making the chemical reaction with the surface.
  • Green-friendly products eliminate the use of harsh cleaning products that can pollute the environment.