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~Limited Lifetime Warranty~

For Glass and Glass Glazed Surfaces

Congratulations on your purchase of the Diamond Seal Systems professional treatment of Diamondize XP. This unique treatment is engineered to create a covalent bond at the molecular level, creating a smooth barrier on the glass and glass-glazed surfaces such as, granite and porcelain to improve the water-repellant (hydrophobic) properties. Diamondize XP protects the surface from oxidation/water corrosion by keeping the last standing oxygen molecules in the glass surface from coming in contact with hydrogen on the surface of glass. Diamondize XP creates a hydrophobic barrier that prevents contaminants from bonding to the surface and leaving behind stains and corrosion. Diamond Seal Systems products have been tested by five independent labs in the U.S. Since 1996, Diamond Seal Systems products have been tested in real-life applications in the shower door industry, transportation industry, and home construction, which show that Diamond Seal Systems is setting the bar in Super Hydrophobic Nano Technology coating systems. The Diamondize XP also makes glass brighter, optically clearer, and helps to perfect the glass surface. In addition, it keeps glass “Green” by creating a hygienic surface which becomes “Forever Brilliant™!” The Diamondize XP sealed surface is warranted for life with regular maintenance using NO harsh detergents or chemical cleaners. Maintain your lifetime warranty with the Diamond Seal Systems recommended maintenance protocol as described below. Diamond Seal Systems guarantees against the coating chipping, cracking, or yellowing. The Diamondize XP coating will not make any adverse change in appearance, visual clarity, or optical characteristics, nor affect the glazing seals of the coated surface. The surface will remain “Forever Brilliant™” and easy to clean. Your professional application must be provided by a certified Diamond Seal Systems applicator.

MAINTENANCE: The following protocol is required

The protective qualities will be enhanced and the performance will be prolonged indefinitely by cleaning your glass with Diamond Seal Systems’ Diamond Blue Wash, making the glass "Forever Brilliant™” and easy to clean. The Diamond Blue Wash will maintain an ultra-repellant smooth surface. For additional optimum repellancy, you can use the Liquid Diamonds Protective Treatment once a year on your glass. Diamond Blue Wash & Liquid Diamonds can be used on all your glass surfaces around the home, and are available from your nearest dealer or shower door companies. It is recommended that you wipe down your shower door glass once to twice a week with a clean towel while the surface is still wet. Once the glass is dry, use the Diamond Blue Wash to clean the glass surface using a micro fiber cloth. Then buff to a shine with a separate, clean microfiber cloth. (Diamond Blue Wash can be used on all the hard surfaces around the home. Diamond Blue Wash has anti-static qualities that make cleaning a snap as well as less frequent!) The Diamondize XP Professional protective treatment eliminates the need for harsh detergents and other household cleaners. While it is chemically resistant, using ammonia or acid based cleaners or abrasive materials on your glass can reduce the Diamondize XP repellant qualities and will void your warranty. Should performance loss occur due to misuse or damage, the homeowner can reinstate the easy-to-clean, repellant qualities of the Diamondize XP Pro application by using the Diamond Seal Systems Complete Bath Kit, available from your local dealer. For a complete reapplication due to misuse or damage by your cleaning person, you can call your local dealer for service. In the event that you feel your glass has lost its easy to clean, repellant qualities or has oxidized or corroded, please contact the Diamond Seal Systems Customer Service directly at: info@diamondsealsystems.com or call (877) 234-9452 to describe your concerns. We will send out a refresher kit (B) that will reinstate the top coat performance. The factory applied (A) coat will last for over 20 years and will not need to be reapplied. Your continued satisfaction with Diamond Seal Systems products is our concern. Enjoy your Diamond Seal Systems “Forever Brilliant™” easy to clean living. Thank you for your patronage!

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