The Glass Misconception

There are some common misconceptions about glass coatings – and the main one is how they are sold…with grand expectations!  Customers are told that they do not have to maintain their coated glass and/or the glass will not scratch.  Well, that is a stretch of the truth!

First, we need to understand the basic makeup of glass itself.  Basically, glass is 73% silica and the rest is magnesium, calcium, and a little iron.  The molecules of the glass are under tremendous stress, and these molecules can move and shift over a period of time – usually every three to seven years.  This shifting will diminish the effectiveness of the coated surface.  Now, because water, too, has calcium and magnesium in it, those elements in the glass and the elements in the water simply bond to one another.  It’s basic chemistry!  This is the main reason that glass will start to corrode and eventually end up with an oxidized appearance.  Does your coating provider understand this?  Not likely!

Understanding the science and taking a real-life approach to the issues is key to solving them.  The Diamond Seal Systems Company is all about the science. Regardless of the coating that you use, you will always have water spots.  The question is, how easily can they be removed, and how often do they accumulate to become a visual nuisance?  The better the bond of the coating to the surface, the longer lasting the hydrophobic (repellant) effect, and the cleaner the glass will stay. In addition, the glass will also become anti-static and more hygienic with the DiamondizeXP and the Liquid Diamonds treatments.  DSS products make a molecular bond at the atomic level with the glass, and this creates a surface that is easy to clean.  And that’s the best way to keep a customer satisfied!

Armed with the truth, science, and  history of the DSS technologies, your clients will be better informed to make an educated decision.