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Diamond Seal Systems

Diamond Eliminator Pad

Diamond Eliminator Pad

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The *new* Diamond Eliminator Pads are beneficial when using Diamond Seal Systems products for restoration such as the Diamond Luster, Diamond Clear Limescale Remover, Monster and Green Revolution. The Diamond Eliminator pad helps to remove hard water stains and grime through a suction effect. It is an essential tool for medium to hard difficulty cleaning.

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Video of Pad in Action
  • Use to "Eliminate" hard water stains and corrosion.
  • Can be used multiple times before degenerating.
  • Most effective when used with Diamond Luster to help break up stains on glass.
  • Can be used in kitchen, bath, windows, and throughout the home.
  • Will not scratch surfaces.*
  • Size is 3" x 5" x¬† 1"

The new Diamond Eliminator Pad is a powerful tool when paired with the Diamond Luster restoration cream. Our Diamond Eliminator Pads consist of a specially-formulated microscopic structure designed to shine where other scrubbers collapse. This structure empowers the Diamond Eliminator pad to remove hard water stains through a suction effect. 

The combination of Diamond Luster and the Diamond Eliminator Pad leave you with a residue-free, clean surface. 

The Diamond Eliminator Pads are essential for tough areas such as stainless steel and glass corroded with hard water stains. Use them when you need more cleaning muscle!

*Always go with the grain when using on Stainless Steel and test an inconspicuous area first

***Please note that the Eliminator Pad's color and shape may differ from pictured when shipped; however, the efficacy is the same***

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