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Mop Frame

Mop Frame

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These durable and multi-use Mop Frames makes the application of Diamond Seal Systems products easier and more efficient. Chooses from two sizes and a variety of pads for use on multiple projects.

    • Use with various mop pads to wipe on and wipe off Diamond Seal Systems products for maximum performance
    • Attach to telescoping mop pole to access hard-to-reach areas

    There are two sizes of mop frames and various applicator pads available to be used with every Diamond Seal Systems product.

  • The Mop Frames from Diamond Seal Systems can be used in a variety of situations. Choose from an 18"x4" or 9"x4" Mop Frame depending on the size of your project. Also choose from a variety of pads that are essential when using Diamond Seal Systems products. Our cloth pads consist of tightly woven threads to ensure even distribution of our products. They carry away the bacteria and viruses on your surfaces leaving them hygienic, sparkling clean, and brilliant.

    The combination of Diamond Seal Systems cleaners/polishers and the cloth pads leave you with a residue-free, clean surface. And the best part is that the Mop Frames will make everything faster and easier!

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