Liquid Diamonds Multi-Surface Protective Treatment

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Protective coating for glass, stone, granite, marble, travertine, synthetic stone, metal, fiberglass, paint, plastic, and vinyl. (DO NOT USE ON FLOORS)

    • Bonds to the surface molecular structure of materials
    • Easy to apply and cures in seconds (use 2 coats)
    • Works best with use of Applicator Pad
    • UV Resistant
    • Stops oxidation and corrosion
    • Inhibits growth of pathogens and prevents new corrosion and oxidation
    • Exterior applications will remain effective for up to (1) year; interior application coatings last up to two (2) years
    • Great for Shower Glass, Windows, Windshields, Counter Tops, Sinks, Fixtures, Backsplashes and Wall Tiles...

    Available in 8 fl. oz. or 32 fl. oz. bottles depending on the size of your project. Bottles are re-fillable with the gallon size of Liquid Diamonds.

  • Liquid Diamonds consists of a unique co-polymer formulation. It provides a highly durable, long-lasting protective coating by bonding to the surface molecular structure of materials such as glass, metal, stone, fiberglass, plastic, vinyl, and painted surfaces. It will not alter the natural appearance of the surface. The treated surface is highly resistant to corrosion, oxidization, and staining. Minor scratching and abrasion is reduced.

    Liquid Diamonds is used on both interior and exterior glass, metal, stone, fiberglass, plastic, vinyl, and painted surfaces. For glass and stone applications, Liquid Diamonds is used to enhance the durability and life performance of other Diamond Seal Systems coating products. Once applied, it protects the surface from degrading effects caused by water, acid rain, salt fog, car emissions, and other environmental contaminants. It may be applied to both new and restored surfaces. Do not use acidic or abrasive cleaners after application.  Apply using Applicator Pad. Two coats of Liquid Diamonds is best.  (DO NOT USE ON FLOORS)