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Helmet Glide Complete Individual Kit

Helmet Glide Complete Individual Kit

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The Helmet Glide Individual Kit Treats and protects one helmet for an entire season. 

Product Detail

    Kit Components Include:

    • 2 oz. Helmet Glide
    • 2 oz. Game Day
    • 2 oz. Helmet Wash
    • 2 oz. Helmet Blitz
    • 1 - Applicator Pad
    • 1 - Microfiber Cloth

    Kit products are also sold in larger containers. Please inquire for team pricing.

    The Helmet Glide Kit is the professional's choice for the ultimate helmet care and maintenance. 

    1. Helmet Glide - Nanotechnology surface tension reduction treatment. Lowers Surface tension by 25%, reducing frictional forces on the helmet and face mask.
    2. Game Day - Weekly game day maintenance treatment. Enhances performance and clarity to helmet and face mask.
    3. Helmet Wash - Nanotechnology post game helmet cleaner. A simple weekly cleaner to remove helmet marks and high definition to visors.
    4. Helmet Blitz - Weekly Anti-bacterial helmet sanitizer. A 24 hour sanitizer for interior of helmets eliminating germs, bacteria, mold and viruses. EPA approved.
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