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Diamond Seal Systems

Diamond Luster (Gallon)

Diamond Luster (Gallon)

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Hard water stain remover restoration cream for use on glass, metal, and more. Great for restoring shower doors and removing years of damage!

    • Environmentally safe cleaner removes hard water stains and soap scum off of shower door glass and metal
    • Cleans water spots and oxidation from glass, porcelain, tile, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, and granite
    • Restores the luster and brilliance to your shower doors, faucets, sinks, and counter tops
    • Restoration cream is a non-abrasive liquid
    • Do Not Use on Painted Surfaces

    Buy more and save with the Gallon size Diamond Luster. Great for re-filling your 8 oz or 32 oz bottles!

  • Diamond Luster Restoration Cream cleans water spots on glass, porcelain, tile, chrome, stainless steel and aluminum. Diamond Luster is a non-abrasive liquid designed to renew glass and metal. Once renewed, the surface can be treated with Diamond Seal Systems Protective Products to seal and protect the surface from further corrosion and oxidation.

    Applied by hand or by using the Orbitek glass polishing system. It is an excellent product for restoring the luster and brilliance to your shower doors, faucets, sinks and counter tops. This product is wonderful at restoring the clarity to your windows especially if they are damaged by sprinkler over spray or hard water spots. It works great on automobiles, boats, and RV's too!


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