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Diamond Seal Systems

Core Cleaner & Degreaser

Core Cleaner & Degreaser

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Cleaning powder works excellent in the laundry as well as on tile, grout, porcelain, stone, carpets, and much more.

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  • Cleaning powder has many uses - just add water for a great clean!
  • Add to laundry as a detergent to clean all your fabrics
  • To use as a surface cleaner, just add hot water (1 nano scoop per 16 oz water) and then gently scrub surface to a shine
  • Use on driveways, pool decking, bathroom tile, grout, carpets, and many other surfaces
  • Great to use when removing soap scum and cleaning toilet bowl rims
  • It eliminates odors, removes road grime, ground-in dirt, urine, grease and oil
  • Concentrated formula makes up to 18 gallons when added to water

Available in 1 or 2 pound container tubs. For larger quantities, please contact us for bulk ordering of the Core Cleaner & Degreaser.

Used in place of laundry detergent. Removes soap scum and eliminates odors. For flooring & walls and exterior use on stone, tile, travertine, limestone, brick. Cleans driveways, pool decking, bathroom tile and grout, and much more.

This is a "green" cleaner that replaces harsh bleach and deep cleans to remove algae, bacteria, mold, and viruses. It eliminates odors, removes road grime, ground-in dirt, urine, grease, and oil. It is excellent on grout, soap scum, and toilet bowl rims. This is a concentrated formula that makes up to 18 gallons.

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