Luxury Home Care Kits

Making Your Home Shine with Diamond Sparkle

Want to make a great impression?

DSS offers a premier program of Luxury Home Care Product Kits for Realtors and the Real Estate community. These kits can be custom-designed with your name, company, logo, phone, email, etc. Serving as a great advertising tool for the sales agent, the kit will also make a lasting impression on the client and their family, friends and neighbors. The kit will feature some of the best DSS products, and will be loved and enjoyed by the client for months to come. It’s the best way for you to be a “name-dropper” – while also providing quality products for the luxurious and well-maintained home.


  • To enable Sale Agents to order custom “Luxury Home Care Kits” to give to their clients
  • To enable re-orders and additional retail sales items for homeowners and sales agents

The sales agent can custom-label products with their information: Name, Company Logo, Address, Phone Number, Email, Website, and even their Picture!

  • There is a minimum initial order of 5 kits required with a one-time label set-up fee
  • After your initial order, CLICK HERE to order additional kits

Luxury Home Products can be identified by using the “Diamond Sparkle” by Diamond Seal Systems.