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  • The VF-ES100 is a battery (12VDC) operated electrostatic sprayer, that produces complete surface coverage while reducing solution usage up to 50% or more, compared to a conventional sprayer. Nearly all surfaces in our environment are negatively charged naturally. Inside the sprayer’s tank assembly, a positive charge is added to the solution. As the fine solution fog/mist is sprayed out from nozzle, the now positively charge solution is attracted to the world’s naturally negatively charged surfaces which cause the solution to wrap around and coat all sides of objects and surfaces. The charged fog particles will wrap around all directions and all area they come into contact, coat uniformly onto the targeted surfaces, thus reach an extremely high disinfection and sterilization efficiency

  •  SPECIFICATIONS • Grounding: Auto grounding, no electrode in wand, no static charge on user • Fog size: 40-90 um (micron) • Working pressure: 22 to 60 psi (0.15-0.4 MPa) • Coverage density (typical): 3,600 sq. ft. • Battery operated: run-time 4 hours per charge • Battery: gel acid 12 VDC, 8 Ah (not swappable) • Dimensions: 21.2” x 15" x 7.5" • Weight: 12 lbs.

     Internal electrostatic voltage 15-30 KV
     Charging input voltage 110V or 220V AC
     Tank Size 4.2 Gallons
     Particle Size 40 - 60 microns
     Flow Rate (single nozzle)  3.2 gpm
     Speed (typical) approximately 0.85 acre/hour
     Compatible   Disinfectants   and   Sanitizers Any EPA-Registered Disinfectant, List N and/or Defender 24 Surface Sanitizer Barrier Treatment w/Zitrisil
  • Click here for a link to User Manual from the Manufacturer

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